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ConquerChat README
Copyright (c) 2000-2002 Peter Theill,

This archive contains a simple ASP chat. Most other chatrooms works using the
Session object. This chat doesn't and thus might be used on larger range of
browsers and -settings.

By using all files in this archive, you are actually able to set up and
customise your own chatroom on your ASP enabled web site.

In order to make the chat work properly, you will have to add a couple of
lines in your "global.asa" file. The lines below are also included in the
downloadable package. You should insert them in the top of your file, i.e.
not in any of the default defined Sub functions.




The lines above makes it possible to store currently logged in chat users,
rooms and messages. We check this object every time we refresh the chat
window page and kick out inactive users. If you do not have a 'global.asa'
file use the one provided with this package. You have to place it in the root
of your web server and not in the 'chat' directory or where you place all the
other files.

Please first check 'inc.config.asp' and

for FAQ & updated information about ConquerChat.

Customize ConquerChat
It is possible to customize ConquerChat in many ways. Many options are
available for you by simply enabling or disabling a flag from within the con-
figuration file. The configuration file is named "inc.config.asp" and every
option is described in details.

If you need me to make a customized version of ConquerChat for you, please
contact me ( for details about pricing.

How do I get support?
If you have troubles setting up the chat you might want to take a look at the
FAQ pages. There are available from:

If you do not find the answer here or if you want to know how I would solve a
specific problem you are able to send me an e-mail. Send it to and I will try to help you. It might take a while to get an
answer since I receive a *lot* of requests for this and other of my projects.

You may BUY support for ConquerChat as well. It's possible if you need to
know how you could add an advanced administration interface, how to connect a
database to the user logon, etc. Send me an email if you're interested in
this and I'll get back with specific prices according to the job you need to
have done.

You are able to modify the source-code any way you like. All advertisements
and/or banners shown in the downloaded chat may be removed before using it on
your own site. ConquerChat is 100% freeware and enables you to get a quick
start setting up your own chat without any restrictions.

Important note for Internet Information Server 5.0 users
There might be a problem for users on older versions of IIS5:

Version History
2002/06/07 - Released 4.1.1
+ Localized messages added for Danish, Spanish, Finnish and Swedish.
- Fixed JavaScript error reporting " not defined" where was
the localized word for either True or False.

+ Added filter for disallowing certain usernames.

2002/05/26 - Released 4.1
+ Added B (bold), I (italic) and U (underline) styles to message area so
it's possible to select a style and have all your messages printed in that

+ Added option for saving messages to a logfile (transcript functionality)

2002/04/23 - Released 4.0.1
+ Displaying number of users in a room.
- Put help and smiley pages into message file for easier translation.

2002/04/21 - Released 4.0
+ Dynamic reload of windows
+ Administration module
+ Easier private messages

- Major area rewritten to support dynamic update of view (no page reload).

2002/02/23 - Released 3.2
! Fixed problem with message window not being correctly refreshed on some
- New design on logon screen.

+ Added Bad Word Filter

2001/09/30 - Released 3.1
+ Added support for private messages
+ Added user statistics for showing log on time, last action time, number of
messages typed in the chat and the users IP address.

2001/06/09 - Released
+ Added a page being displayed for the user if required variables haven't
been included in global.asa file.

+ Added option for clearing message field after having send a message.

2001/03/21 - Released
+ Added a new constant "TOP_MESSAGE_ORDER" for selecting if the messages
should be printed top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top.

2001/02/08 - Released
! Fixed a problem when checking for invalid username in default.asp page.

2000/10/22 - Released
+ Added support for multiple rooms

2000/07/18 - Released
+ updated code with a more safe logout method.
+ help files updated to show smiley states and descriptions.

2000/06/29 - Released
+ added ability to replace typed smilies with images showing state. This
feature was implemented thanks to Michael Mackert.

Best regards,
Peter Theill - -

If you still are having problems with the chat take a look at the ConquerChat FAQ.